A special place

A special place for our family is HoneyRock, Wheaton College’s northwoods campus. My HoneyRock: explore, learn serveparents-in-law have been heavily involved in volunteering their time up there for decades and about three years ago, retired and moved up there to live full time.

This visit we spent more than the usual amount of time there, which was great. I had to spend the first few days working on my new graduate course in library and information science, and I also had a number of work-related things to handle, but after that, it was free sailing. The photo to the right shows me and the kids at the entrance to the camp.

One day, we drove around quite a bit in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a round trip of about 300 miles. I particularly liked the city of Houghton, Michigan, where we stopped for lunch. I wish we could have explored that area a bit more but there wasn’t time. It seems like a really nice area, dotted with a lot of abandoned copper mines.

Waterfall in Eagle River, MichiganWe visited Eagle River, Michigan, where there was a beautiful set of falls. The kids also enjoyed playing on the beach of nearby Lake Superior. The area reminded me a lot of the shore of Lake Superior north of Duluth, Minnesota. It was while we were visiting this spot that I finally realized something: I desperately needed to divorce myself completely from work emails! Therefore I deleted my work email accounts from my iPhone and my iPad after this, and lo and behold, the rest of our vacation became a bit less stressful. Go figure…

Back at HoneyRock, we encountered a lot of different wildlife over the course of our stay, including a bald eagle that flew very close to our cabin’s front windows overlooking Long Lake. We also surprised a family of ruffed grouse as they ran across the road in front of us. Large groups of turkeys could be seen and heard roaming around, and deer were everywhere. It’s a little nerve-wracking to drive around that area at night with so many deer around. We hoped to see black bears but were disappointed this time (we’ve seen them many times before).

One of the new features at the camp is their newly built chapel. It’s a beautiful facility funded entirely by donations. I particularly liked the prayer/quiet room with its nice leather couch and comfortable furnishings, and it was from here that I conducted my first online class session of the fall semester since it has wireless connectivity.

We were also able to visit a favorite ice cream/treat shop in nearby Three Lakes, called Lick-A-Dee Splitz. It’s the best in Wisconsin! More photos of the trip can be viewed by going here.

Lick-A-Dee Splitz at Night

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