Interesting facts and figures from the past year

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of working @ Wheaton College’s Buswell Library. I feel very grateful and blessed to be there. A lot has happened these past twelve months and here are some interesting facts and figures that tell the story, from the silly to mundane to a bit depressing:

  • Miles driven to/from work: over 23,000
  • Time spent driving to/from work: the equivalent of about 10 days
  • Number of cups of coffee drunk: can’t even estimate that…
  • Thousands upon thousands of e-resources cataloged and access provided to them in multiple ways
  • Conferences attended: 4
  • Presentations given: 5
  • Hosted an open house for our main library consortium
  • Joined two committees, one for our main library consortium, the other for my primary professional organization
  • Started two new blogs
  • Created my own Flipboard magazine that now has about 60 subscribers
  • Joined at least ten professional library discussion lists
  • Taught two graduate courses
  • Created five new LibGuides
  • Joined two cross-functional library teams and became chair of one of them
  • Coaxed three orchid plants in my office to bloom

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