A dramatic family incident


This photo is of an old newspaper clipping from The Detroit Free Press that came in the mail recently from my mother. She found it when going through lots of old files. She told me she had forgotten that she even had it. It immediately brought back memories of a dramatic family incident from more than 40 years ago.

When I was four, almost five years old and traveling with my father, brothers, and sisters on our way back from church in Windsor, Ontario, we came across a bad car accident. The photo shows the car involved. Traffic was backed up; it was obvious that the driver was hurt and unable to get out, while the car burned. My father jumped out of our car to help get the driver out before the car was completely engulfed in flames.

Terrified that the car would explode and my father would be killed, I jumped out of our car and ran after him up the embankment beside the road we were on. Fortunately, my older brother, Tim, jumped out of the car, ran after me, and got ahold of me before I could reach the accident scene.

I remember my father afterward describing what happened, how the poor man was already badly burned and his skin came off when he and another person helped pull the driver out of the car. I don’t know if the driver survived but I will always remember this incident.

This wasn’t the only time my father rescued car accident victims over the years. He had a lot of courage!

A few months later, we moved from Detroit to Villa Grove, IL, where I entered kindergarten. Although we only lived in Detroit for about 18 months, it was a time packed with drama. There are plenty of other interesting stories from that period that I’ll tell some other time…

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