Random thoughts on a beautiful day

Some random thoughts on a beautiful day…

With a renewed focus on blogging comes memory of a blog I previously published from 2002 to 2012 with a similar name. I started blogging before there was any such thing as blogging software or platforms, so at the outset I created and edited posts directly on a webpage in HTML and styled them to look like the standard blog format that we know today. In 2012, for reasons I won’t go into here, I deliberately wiped out all traces of that prior blog. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t, since it was a good record of many things going on in my life during important years, especially when our children were little. Most of the time, though, I’m at peace with the loss of all of that material.

Everyday life is frequently difficult and stressful. There are people, friends I know, who are trying to cope right now with the loss of loved ones, bad health, financial difficulties, and more. Sunday afternoons have always been a bit of a downer for me stretching back to my school days. Usually assignments or papers were due in the week ahead, and I procrastinated on getting those things done. There is a similar dynamic in the work environment. The next several days will bring their own level of stress and anxiety, although I plan to do my best to celebrate accomplishments and enjoy experiences.

As noted previously, the 33rd annual NASIG conference will take place in Atlanta, GA, the culmination of many months of hard work. We’ve all done (and are doing) our best to make the event successful, and I hope all who attend will enjoy themselves and learn a lot. Many people have worked very hard to bring this big event to fruition. At its conclusion, I’ll step down as NASIG President. It’s been a blast reprising that role this past year, but at the same time, I’ll be glad to hand things over to the next person.

Two important goal deliverables for my library are due this week, one that is intended to frame what we should do next to better manage locally created and/or locally hosted digital resources, and the other is our first, comprehensive preservation plan. (Thankfully though, someone else has done the vast majority of work on the latter project, not me.) A small group of us is also working on a complete website redesign to launch in a month or so (again, most of the work is being done by someone other than me). In addition, on Tuesday, we’ll have an all staff meeting to highlight accomplishments of the past year, so I need to put together everything my group has done this year and condense it into a ten minute presentation that hopefully will be informative and compelling.

In addition, now is the time when we are actively trying to pull things together for our annual report, including usage statistics, and now is also the time of year when we are preparing staff performance evaluations.

Our library building has been without HVAC (except in some areas where portable A/C units and dehumidifiers have been placed) for three weeks, and temperatures in the building have climbed to new highs, making working conditions quite challenging. Many staff have opted to work remotely but not everyone has the ability to do that, so work conditions have been a bit rough on them. I think we have a week or two more to go before the construction work on water cooling pipes on campus is completed.

Then, too, there is grading to be done and prep work for tomorrow night’s class.

So, a lot is happening or needing to be done, and it can feel a bit overwhelming. I need to get several things done today but right now, all I really want to do is rest and relax a bit, to enjoy the cool breeze on a sunny day. I think I’ll go sit out on our front porch for a while.

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