A busy Thursday

Yesterday (Thursday) was a busy day. The NASIG Board met all day and discussed a lot of important issues throughout. I was particularly happy to have Andrew Barker join us as a guest for the morning portion of our meeting. Andrew is the chair of NASIG’s sister organization in the UK, called UKSG. UKSG was the example on which NASIG was founded in 1985. We’ve had strong ties ever since, but it’s important that we continue to build on that to partner on new initiatives beyond what we’ve already been doing.

After all of that, we all went out to eat together at a nearby restaurant. The food was delicious. I returned to my hotel room to find a mysterious small box on the bed, which I think is a fancy chocolate. I haven’t opened it yet to make sure. In addition there was a nice bottle of chilled white wine, cheese and crackers and grapes, and a nice note from the hotel management. Very thoughtful and unexpected.

This afternoon and evening will likewise be quite busy with people to meet and things to do as the conference officially kicks off. The morning is somewhat free, thankfully. I need to catch my breath a bit.

Board members and guest at dinner




Maine scallops and asparagus


A mysterious box of…chocolate?


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