How to lose friends and influence fewer people

The post title is tongue-in-cheek and refers to the fact that I recently decided to delete my Facebook account.


  • I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with that platform. I was an early adopter, then deleted my account for several years, then reactivated it again for several years, and I’m back to deleting it again.
  • For a long time, Facebook has felt unhealthy to me.
    • Too much time spent on the platform.
    • Too much drama.
    • Too much advertising and video sharing.
    • Too much wondering about the meaning of the interactions (or lack of interactions) I observe there.
    • Too much use of my own data for purposes I can’t track and over which I have little control.
    • Too much distrust of this company that has repeatedly shown itself to be completely unworthy of trust, so why should I continue to support it?
There are, of course, significant downsides. I really will lose friends (and, less concerning, some influence, whatever that means) by taking this step. I recognize that and wish that were different. I especially feel bad for losing a primary means of staying in touch, of entering into the lives of others I care about, of supporting them and interacting with them. I’m not sure what to do about that, to be honest. But those who are true friends will know how to contact me, I (hopefully) know how to keep in touch with them, and we’ll manage somehow.
Of course, one way to remain connected is via this blog, which I will continue to use. Another is via Twitter (@TechSvcsLib) and Instagram (@fammanlib). I am only slightly less negative toward those social media platforms than Facebook, however, so the days when I actively use them may also be numbered.
Social media is a wonderful thing, and an awful thing, combined. For me, it feels like the right time to scale back and to be more circumspect with my time and energy. I am no less friendly, no less wanting to relate to others and be involved in their lives to the extent they allow me, and no less interested in and engaged with news and topics of interest. I am just wishing to be more thoughtful about and have more ownership of where I spend my time.
See you around, somewhere.

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