Learning to embrace Twitter…for now

I’ve had a Twitter account practically from that service’s inception, but have mostly been a desultory user. Some reasons for this:

  • That stupid 140 character limit 
  • It doesn’t generate that much interaction with others 
  • Its most frequent use appears to be as an outrage amplifier 
  • It’s the platform of favor for a particular U.S. political figure 
  • Far fewer friends regularly use this platform than others 
  • That stupid 140 character limit 

My negative perspective has changed somewhat of late.

  • That stupid 140 character limit has been substantially increased 
  • Slowly, here and there I’ve begun to see meaningful interactions with others, helped in part by “threads” 
  • I’ve learned how to filter out a lot of the amplified outrage by more carefully selecting accounts to follow and muting others 
  • I recently discovered that Twitter allows me to preemptively hide posts containing keywords of my choosing from appearing on my timeline (something to be very careful of, I realize) 
  • It is without peer in reporting fast breaking news, especially for professional conferences and similar events 
  • Unlike FB, I don’t have to worry as much about my online visibility/availability 
  • It may be somewhat less irresponsible and untrustworthy with its data than other social media platforms (FB, I’m looking at you) 
  • Although it continues to be an outrage amplifier, it can be used to amplify positive messages, too

I’m still on the fence about Twitter, and may delete my account at some point, but will stick with it for now.

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