UKSG eNews editorial

While attending UKSG’s annual conference in Glasgow a few months ago, I met Helle Lauridsen, UKSG Secretary. Helle encouraged me to consider writing something for one of their publications, UKSG eNews. She told me there was plenty of time to write and targeted mid-June for completion. Time flew by a little too quickly for me, but by the skin of my teeth, I managed to get an editorial written and it was published last night in UKSG eNews Issue 424 (22 June 2018).

Helle proposed that I write about what is on the minds of NASIG members, and my inspiration came from the program for the recently completed 2018 NASIG annual conference. I chose to highlight the following themes: core competencies, digital preservation, collaboration, social justice, and what I called “all things open.”

Although there was controversy over some of the content of a speech given by a local historian at the opening session (for which NASIG issued a formal apology), I think the overall tone, content, and arrangements for the conference went very well. That is thanks to a tremendous effort by many people.

Oh and one more cool thing is that I recently became a member of UKSG.

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