Summer lists

Things I hate about summer:

  1. Heat and humidity 
  2. Bugs, especially mosquitoes and ticks 
  3. Too many people everywhere 
  4. Blockbuster movies 
  5. Swimming pools and water parks 
  6. Everyone else going on vacations but us 
  7. Back to school sales 
  8. My birthday 
  9. Annual reports 
  10. Heat and humidity 

Things I enjoy about summer:

  1. Fresh fruit and vegetables 
  2. Air conditioning 
  3. Fewer meetings at work 
  4. Longer daylight hours 
  5. Grilling 
  6. Rain and thunderstorms 
  7. Additional income from teaching 
  8. Fewer people around on campus 
  9. Fireflies 
  10. Fresh fruit and vegetables 

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