Life happens

Recently I have had some significant health issues. I’ve hesitated to write about it, plus I just haven’t felt up to much writing at all lately. Thankfully, I’m doing better.

Ill health tends to highlight the fact that some things are more important than other things. Family and relationships are more important than work, for example. I cannot imagine how it would be if I didn’t have loving, supportive family and friends. In spite of lots of stressful things happening around the same time, my wife handled things and cared for me so well. Our children have been great about it, too. My brother, Dan, flew in just to visit with me for a while. Lots of people have been praying. People at my work have been supportive and understanding.

These health issues have led to some significant changes in my daily life, especially in terms of what I eat and drink. No coffee, for example. Actually, no caffeine, period. This is not medically mandated, just something I’ve decided is worth doing. I’ve started drinking decaffeinated or herbal tea. It’s fine, really, especially when I can drink one of my all time favorites, Celestial Seasoning’s Bengal Spice.

One of my favorite teas
Other changes include no sugar (honey as substitute if desired), eating mostly vegetables and fruit, and fewer carbs. When I’m physically ready, I plan to exercise more as well. I don’t have a good track record on all of the above, but I’m going to give it all a good try in order to feel better overall, to get more resilient and healthy and stay that way. Time is short. Life happens.

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