Social media is dead

Social media is dead, at least to me. After deleting my Facebook account toward the end of May, more recently, I also deleted my accounts for Twitter and Instagram. These three were the only social media platforms I’ve used for many years.

It feels a bit weird, honestly. I’ve been a heavy social media user from the get go, and have long been a proponent of it.

But I grew increasingly unhappy with social media over time, especially as it became clearer to me that while it can foster relationships and dialog with others, it didn’t actually do that for me, at least, not consistently.

At its core, social media is also about gathering and monetizing enormous amounts of personal information. And social media users have almost no control over that. I became increasingly disillusioned by that fact and it played a critical role in my decision to quit entirely.

My decision to quit after being a social media junky for so many years won’t make a huge difference to anyone in the broader scheme of things. It certainly won’t effect any changes in the way social media is constructed. I know that. I hope others will begin to see things in a similar way. The recent news of Facebook’s huge stock market losses (due to stagnating growth) is a hopeful sign that maybe, just maybe, there might be a broader trend occurring. Again, though, I am under no illusions.

Yes, it feels weird, but it also feels good and right for me. Over this past summer, I’ve had to reexamine many different aspects of my life and this particular area was ripe for a radically different approach. Already, because of my decision to remove myself from all social media, I feel I have more attention for other things; I feel less stressed; and I have a stronger sense of well-being. Of course, I deeply miss knowing something of what’s going on in the lives of friends, but overall, I feel happier, more content, and also that I have more of a capacity to focus on new and different things.

More than anything else, I feel relieved.

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