NASIG Fall Board Meeting

As I write this, I am on the last leg of travel back home after attending the Fall Board meeting for NASIG in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a good meeting with good discussions, with the unusual backdrop of Hurricane Florence bearing down on the Carolinas. That severe weather event prevented some people from attending in person and meant that others needed to leave earlier than originally planned in order to get back to their families.

As past president now, my role is pretty small, and that is fine and the way it should be. As I sat listening to conversations on various topics, it struck me more than ever that I am a lot older than others on the Board — I’m the old guy now. And it is good to take a back row to those who are younger both in terms of age and NASIG experience.

Even so, upon reflection, I still had too much to say in the whole thing, and I need to learn to be quiet. We talked about a lot of good ideas, most of which I recall being talked about in previous board meetings. It is sometimes a challenge to affirm and encourage suggestions and ideas for improving the organization while at the same time, trying to avoid reinventing the wheel.

I have great respect for my NASIG board colleagues. They are dedicated, thoughtful, caring people. Of course we do not always have complete agreement among ourselves. But in general, my experiences serving on the board have been ones that I treasure because of the opportunity to get to know and work closely with such colleagues.

I highly recommend the opportunity to serve on the NASIG Board to anyone who is interested and is willing to make the significant commitment of time and energy to do it well.

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