The last daylily of summer and other stories

The photo at the bottom of this post is of the last daylily bloom of the summer. I’ve noted before how much I enjoy daylilies, so I was happy that one of them bloomed one last time, on the first day of Fall.

The past weekend was full of activity. We have long struggled with getting rid of accumulated stuff and cleaning up areas of our house, especially the garage and the lower level. It’s just a fact of life that a family of our size tends to collect a huge amount of stuff. While I was at work last week, my wife and children began to tackle cleanup of the lower level, and that continued over the weekend.

Prior to that, they worked together to reorganize our kitchen cabinets and redecorated the kitchen with new wallpaper underneath the cabinets as a backsplash. Old window blinds were removed as well, and new curtains installed at the windows in the kitchen and living room. Recently, we rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the carpet in most of the rooms on the upper level.

On Saturday, I began to clean up the garage as well. Because there is so much stuff everywhere, we need extra space to store some items while we are shifting everything around and getting rid of things we no longer want or need. These are things such as an older washer and dryer, broken down furniture, bags of clothing to give away, toys, and much more. Getting rid of so much stuff, large items in particular, takes time.

A side benefit of starting to clean the garage is the reclamation of all kinds of tools that have long been scattered here to yon inside the house and in the garage. I discovered, for example, that we have at least three leaf blowers, three or four weed wackers, an electric hedge trimmer I didn’t know we had, and extra hammers and other hand tools that have been missing for years.

My body is quite stiff and sore from all of the work involved, and we are a long way from completing these tasks, but we’ve made a lot of progress. That’s important because the scale of the work is so great that years have been spent in limbo as my wife and I felt too overwhelmed to even begin. We put several items (e.g. the old washing machine and dryer, an electric lawnmower, an extra large dog crate) to the curb on Saturday afternoon with a big sign that said “Free”. Within 24 hours, everything was taken.

Ultimately, once we’ve cleared out and gotten rid of all this stuff, we plan to begin work on repairing walls throughout the house, completing the installation of Pergo flooring in the lower level, replacing carpeting upstairs, and putting on a fresh coat of pain everywhere. We might even figure out how to afford a new water filtration system to fix a long term issue with our water supply, which comes from a well.

Soon, we hope to once again have people over to our house. An even bigger goal is to be able to sell the house eventually and move closer to my work. But, one thing at a time. We now have a bit of hope. And that bit of hope, like the last daylily bloom of the year, is something to treasure.

The last daylily of summer


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