The beauty and magic of photography

I have always been interested in photography, probably inspired by my father, who liked to take photographs and even movie footage using a Super 8 mm camera when I was growing up. He was never anything but an amateur photographer and so am I, with no pretense to be anything else.
There is great beauty and magic in photography as the following photo, found on Flickr’s Interestingness photo stream, reminded me this morning. Of course, there are technical and scientific aspects to it as well, and I frequently struggle to master that side of it. In this photo, I can only imagine the techniques used, the settings, and the timing that all had to come together to create such a beautiful image.
Photography is art. I am particularly fond of and inspired by nature photography. The beauty of God’s creation is endless and astonishing to me. My favorite nature photographer is Jim Brandenburg, a Minnesota-based photographer most well known for images taken in and around the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA). His evocative photos of wolves are particular favorites. One of his books, Chased by the Light, sits on a side table in my office at work, where I sometimes pick it up and peruse it to relax and take my mind off of other things.


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