The older I get, the better I get at being a curmudgeon. I suppose this is part of that “wisdom” that accrues to us with age.

Things that set me off:

  • Overuse of “like” in conversation, especially among younger people.
  • The lazy, derivative, and boring use of “prairie style” architecture in modern buildings, especially noticeable in the Midwest, from banks to gas stations to shopping centers.
  • Anyone who routinely wears flip flops, t-shirt, and shorts outside during winter weather.
  • Those who refuse to apologize for anything.
  • Drivers who think vehicle turn signals and hazard lights are purely for decoration, not for actual use.
  • Drivers on roads with two or more lanes who park themselves comfortably in the leftmost lane while driving slower than everyone else.
  • Anyone who whistles a lot.
  • Overpowering use of perfume or cologne.
Now, let me write this in the gentlest, most Christ-like way I can: GET OFF MY LAWN.

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