Quick takes on the U.S. midterm elections

If one pays attention to the media narrative (designed, by the way, at least in part, to bolster readership and viewership), yesterday’s U.S. midterm elections were the most important thing in the universe. I say, balderdash. It is a positive move for me to have basically turned away from hyperventilating media coverage across the political spectrum. We don’t have TV, for example, and I continue to be really happy with divorcing myself from social media. It doesn’t mean that I’m ignorant, unaware, or ill-informed. I read and listen to news coverage all the time, but in ways that are more measured and meaningful to me.

Even so, I read about the elections with some interest, and here are some quick takes, presented without a great deal of context or careful thought:

  • In the state of Illinois, we seem to live in a perpetual bad joke, as one billionaire political novice takes over the governorship from another, both of whom spent untold millions of their personal wealth to buy their election. In the meantime, millions of us live with the consequences of decades of extremely poor political decisions and our state finances continue to be at or around junk status. I see no hope for positive change here.
  • In Wisconsin, at least Scott Walker was voted out of office. Thank goodness for that.
  • In a local race for the U.S. House of Representatives, I am happy that two longtime Republican incumbents, Peter Roskam and Randy Hultgren, were defeated by newcomers, and that once reliable right wing strongholds are clearly voting for Democrats, and probably will be for a long time to come.
  • I am simultaneously happy that the U.S. House of Representatives flipped to Democrat control while dubious about Nancy Pelosi’s leadership of that chamber. No matter how much spin is put on the election by the right wing nationalist party (yeah, I won’t dignify it by naming it by its formal name), this is a major defeat for them.
  • The U.S. Senate? One word: ugh. Another word: craptastic.
Overall, there are hopeful signs amidst incredibly negative race-baiting, immigrant scare tactics, and general fearmongering. Democrats, don’t mess this up. You’ve done it before; don’t do it again.
Again, these are my own opinions and bear no relationship whatsoever to those of my employer or to anyone else.

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