I love snow. Today we are getting walloped with a lot of it in the Chicago area, and it is very pretty outside. The flakes are enormous! The only concern is that it might snow so much, and the snowfall is so heavy that when combined with high winds, there is a chance that power lines might be brought down. We will see. The image in this post was taken by Brinley and shows our street as of a few hours ago.

A lot has happened these past few weeks, including another trip to see other libraries. This time, we flew to Seattle to visit Seattle University, the University of Washington, and the University of Puget Sound. Again, I took a lot of photos. During the flight from Chicago to Seattle, there was an in-flight medical emergency. An older woman collapsed in the aisle right next to where some of us were sitting. Fortunately, she recovered and was attended by medics when we arrived. We have a trip planned for this coming week to the East Coast, and then I think we might be finished.

We also took a trip to visit my side of the family during the just-finished Thanksgiving holiday, and our three younger kids seemed to have a really good time. One of the things they did was go hiking with family at Turkey Run State Park, which is about an hour away from there, and they enjoyed that a lot. I’m glad we decided to come home last night when we heard about the forecast for snow today.

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