Thank the good Lord for nap time

We are almost a week into our time with Cricket, our mini Australian shepherd puppy, and it’s been quite a week. Her other name is Sassy Pants, because she won’t take nonsense from anyone or anything.

She is feisty, inquisitive, demanding, vocal, high energy, fast-as-lightning, determined, and constantly thinking of mischief. At the same time, she can be sweet and cuddly, with fur that is incredibly soft. Quite the mix. It’s very much like having a two year old running around the house wreaking havoc everywhere. Except unfortunately with a puppy, there isn’t such a handy thing as diapers. When we finally succeed in potty training her, I’ll be so relieved.

Thank the good Lord for nap time. Cricket plays hard, then naps hard. Those nap times are key to our sanity.

Below is a brief video of her that I took earlier this week. Enjoy!


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