Popular things that I don’t care for

There are so many aspects of our media-soaked culture that are wildly popular, some of which I can understand and appreciate, but others that leave me scratching my head. FWIW—and fair warning, this may offend some—here’s a list of the latter kind:

  • Hamilton, the musical. Haven’t seen it, don’t plan to see it, not interested in it in the least. 
  • Avengers: Infinity War. I finally got around to watching it last night on Netflix and thought it was overwrought and underwhelming. Why all the fuss, with some people reportedly crying in the movie theater? It is just a movie. 
  • Game of Thrones. This one really bugs me. Just about as ugly a picture of humanity as I can think of. No thanks. 
  • The current president of the U.S. No words can adequately describe or explain this to me. 
  • The Greatest Showman. So many people are obsessed with this movie and soundtrack. I’ve heard a few of the songs, and they are fine, but the level of hysterical enthusiasm is just…weird. I have no interest in watching it. 
  • Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Well, if you read this blog, you already know how I feel about them. I was an enthusiastic proponent and user of social media for many years. But, no more, and good riddance. 
  • Most sports, but especially the NFL, which I hope will go away and die soon. I especially have antipathy for the NBA, the NFL, MLB, and hockey, as well as the amount of attention and glorification that sports stars receive. 
  • TV personalities. Just, yuck. If you idolize and slavishly follow whatever x personality has to say on those inane “news” or “talk” shows, you need to do yourself a favor and just turn. off. the. TV. Read a good book instead. 
  • Disney. I’ve enjoyed my share of Disney movies but I’m always aware of the negative power of that whole franchise. Don’t even get me started on the theme parks: one of my life goals is to never, ever go to one and so far, so good.

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