An update on the new dog

A brief update on the new dog, Cricket. She’s growing like a weed. My biggest beef at this stage is that she’s still not house trained, although I think she’s slowly starting to get the idea. We just need to be patient and consistent with her. Teddy, our other dog, has generally transitioned from excited/interested to grumpy old dog, frequently annoyed with Cricket’s puppy antics. To be fair, Cricket teases him mercilessly.

We are also making a bit of progress on teaching her various hand signals. Primarily, she understands NO, although she doesn’t always obey it. She also mostly understands SIT, although again, she doesn’t always obey. Naturally, as a bright and curious puppy, she has a lot of energy, and that is what tends to get her in trouble, especially when some of our teenagers don’t pay attention or refuse to monitor her.

One thing we’ve determined for sure is that she is not entirely deaf, which is interesting. I think she’s very hard of hearing, but she can hear a little bit. We need to work on socializing her and continuing to be consistent with her, as well as starting to take her on longer walks. We’ve avoided that for a while due to the weather.

Two peas in a pod?


Cricket with snow on her nose


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