NASIG Board members for 2017/18

Below is a photo I recently came across of most of the 2017/18 NASIG Board at the Atlanta conference in early June of last year. That event was held at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta-Buckhead.

People in the photo, L-R: Angela Dresselhaus of East Carolina University, Vice-President/President-Elect; Kelli Getz of DePaul University, Secretary; Jessica Ireland of Radford University, Treasurer-in-Training; Michael Hanson of Sam Houston State University, Treasurer; me (looking rather ghostly), President; Ted Westervelt of the Library of Congress, Member-at-Large; Adolfo Tarango of the University of British Columbia, Member-at-Large; Anna Creech of the University of Richmond, Past President; and Betsy Appleton of the University of Texas, Member-at-Large. Missing from the photo are Karen Davidson of Mississippi State University, Member-at-Large; Maria Hatfield of W.T. Cox Information Services, Member-at-Large; and Chris Bulock of California State University-Northridge, Member-at-Large.

The photo reminds me of what a great group of people they are, and how grateful I am that I had the opportunity to get to work together with them.

NASIG 2017-2018 Board Members
NASIG 2017/18 Board Members


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