Nineteen years

Nineteen years ago yesterday, my wife, Michele, and I were married at Wheaton Bible Church in Wheaton, IL. Nineteen years! Time flies.

We’ve learned and experienced a lot in those nineteen years. Like most married couples, I imagine, we started out in great hope that we would not only remain loving and faithful to each other for the rest of our lives, but that we would raise our children well. I remember us pledging that we’d never argue in front of our kids, for example. That and a lot of other things we thought we would do or not do went by the wayside.

We are still learning and growing in our relationship. We have frequently disappointed one another, failed one another, grown apart, reconciled, and more. We are very different from one another, after all. I get antsy about mess, she is more tolerant of it. I am not good at communicating how I’m really feeling (I tend to keep things inside), whereas she prefers to talk everything out. She is talkative in the morning, I am not. I need a lot of sleep and naps are important to me especially if I’m stressed, something she doesn’t want or need. I’m generally introverted, she is extroverted. Our parenting styles are also different. And on and on.

We are two imperfect people trying to work out a commitment we made to each other so many years ago before God and family and friends, on a daily basis. It isn’t easy. But, it is worth it.

This view of married life may not be what everyone else experiences or expects, and that’s ok.

We remain in love with one another, committed to one another, working to provide and do what we think is best for our family. We are broken, but whole. We are different but together. We sometimes fail but we forgive. We are challenged in many different ways, but we hope and pray for positive change and a better future.

Nineteen years ago when we began this journey, neither of us had any idea what we were getting into. We thought we did, but we didn’t.

I thank God for preserving us and our children and helping us to make it this far, and I trust in him to help us flourish as we experience whatever he has planned for our future.

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