Cohen turns 15

Our youngest, Cohen, turned 15 this past weekend. He is our peace-maker, goofball, helper, slightly OCD, noisy, generally happy-go-lucky child. As a baby, he was the most placid and laid back of all our children, the one who, when it came time for bed, went to sleep without a fuss and slept deeply through the night. He still does that, and it is hard to get him to wake up in the morning on school days 😉

When he was a toddler, though, he began his great life labor, which was to be sure to keep up with his older siblings in everything they did. He figured if they did something, he could, too. That energy and drive are still very evident today.

His heart for service to others led him recently to volunteer for his first short-term missions trip outside the country, to Guatemala. Cohen has started fundraising the $1,200 he needs to be able to go on this trip, and he has also started the process of getting his own passport. The group he’s traveling with will build houses for people in need, among other projects. If anyone who reads this wishes to contribute to his trip fund, that would be wonderful. Go to and select Cohen Oberg at the appropriate step.

We love him very much and look forward to what he’ll get up to in the weeks, months, and years ahead.


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