Digitizing Operationes in Psalmos by Martin Luther

Today is an exciting day because we finally announced availability to the general public of a digitized version of Operationes in Psalmos, a commentary on the Psalms written by Martin Luther and published in 1519. It is one of the great treasures of my library’s extensive Special Collections holdings, and is just the beginning of a broader, coordinated effort to highlight and provide broader accessibility to the many wonderful works we hold at Wheaton College in our library and archival collections.

Supporting that broader effort has been a primary focus of my work for many months, and is an outcome of a Digital Resources Plan written and submitted to administration nearly a year ago. The plan was written by a group of people that I led, and included several recommendations. This particular effort is only one of several things we’ve made progress on since the plan was written.

The decision to publish this digital version on the Internet Archive was fairly simple. The Internet Archive provides a great platform from which a broad audience of interested users can peruse our copy of this work, and offers many built-in options for accessing and examining the digitized images in useful ways.

Our copy, also recently featured in Wheaton’s alumni magazine, was owned by Sigimundus, a student of Luther, and it is fascinating to look at the high quality images of each page to see the many annotations he made on the original work.

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