Photos of several library visits

Part of the reason I recently decided to switch blogging platforms is the vastly improved functionality on WordPress for managing photo albums. I’ve already uploaded some photo albums to the Photos page and plan to load many more over time.

The most extensive recent photos are from several trips around the U.S. and Canada that a small group of us at Wheaton College made as part of planning for a new/expanded library building. I took a lot of photos in order to share the experience with others who weren’t fortunate enough to travel with us. If you are interested in libraries, you’ll probably find them interesting. Even if you aren’t, I think you may find them interesting. Note that we were looking at many different aspects, and the photos I took reflect this: space planning, building materials, service models, furniture options, collection storage options, staffing, lighting, technology, and models of collection development.

These particular photos are from academic library visits to Kansas City, Missouri and Colorado; the Seattle, Washington area; and Maryland. We also visited several Chicago-area academic libraries although I haven’t posted photos of them here. One of the libraries we visited, Tutt Library at Colorado College, was recently announced as a top award winner in the 2019 American Institute of Architects (AIA)/American Librarian Association (ALA) Library Building Awards.

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