Bring your dad to work day

Our daughter, Brinley, recently started a job working at a nearby stable. It is a dream job for her but presents challenges for various reasons. I recently went with her to help out, a sort of “bring your dad to work” day.

It is hard, physical work. I am really impressed by her way with horses — there are 36 of them under her care — and her ability to remember every detail of their individual care including different dietary needs.

The fun part was bringing all of the horses in to their stalls from various paddocks for the evening. Fun, because it allowed me to get up close with them and it also gave me an opportunity to see how skilled Brin is with handling their different personalities. She is fearless and calm with each one. I also got to help with feeding some of the horses their evening hay while in their stalls.

Like Brin, I’ve loved horses all my life. (As a child, at one point, I was convinced I’d grow up to be a jockey.) However, secretly, I’ve always been a little afraid of such big animals, thinking that they can do some major damage if they choose. Although I was cautious and mindful (after all, to these horses I was a complete stranger), it was nice to put my fear aside and get a chance to work closely with them for a little bit.

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