Too late for snow

So far this morning, I’ve been alternately sipping my cup of coffee and playing with Cricket, our six month old mini Australian shepherd puppy. (Some nice recent photos of her, taken by Brinley, are below.) I’ve also been trying to come to terms with the fact that soon, a bunch of snow will start falling. Yes, we’re going to have another late Spring snowstorm, with around eight inches of accumulation predicted, if not more. Even for me, snow lover extraordinaire, it seems too late for snow.

In contrast, yesterday was about as close to weather perfection as I can imagine. It was bright and sunny, yet cool and breezy at around 65º F, with a wonderful absence of nasty biting insects.

Yesterday’s highlight was attending the retirement reception for Dr. Stanton Jones, Wheaton College’s previous provost and the person, more than any other, who convinced me that it would be worthwhile to take the job at Wheaton six and a half years ago. I have enormous respect for him, and was moved by the testimony of so many people who spoke on his behalf at the reception.

Toward the end, I chatted with a friend and colleague at Wheaton with whom I’ve worked for a long time. We spoke of personal matters in our mutual families. He asked if he could pray for me, right then and there in the midst of a crowd of people, and so we prayed together. What a special moment — and it greatly encouraged me. This is what I encounter at Wheaton, a place that is flawed yet at the same time, a place where there is so much excellence and faithful Christian witness.

Another example of this occurred earlier in the week when I was sitting at the Research Help Desk. One of Wheaton’s public safety officers was doing his usual walkthrough of the building and came over to chat with me. He asked me how I was doing, and I sort of brushed off his question while indicating everything was not A-OK. He stood there looking at me steadily for several long seconds. It was uncomfortable. He then gently spoke about a significant personal concern he had, how it was constantly in his mind that morning, and how he was praying off and on about it as he made his rounds. It was very touching and I told him that, whether or not he realized it, his interaction with me was God-inspired, and I thanked him. Again, this is Wheaton.

It’s been quite a week, with highs and lows. I am thankful that I made it through the whole week without missing a day — the first time in a while. Another big event was attending an honors breakfast at Cohen’s school that recognized his achievement of getting on the honor roll in his very first semester of public school. Amazing! I’ve included some photos taken at that event.

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