Taking a deep breath

For me, this weekend is about taking a deep breath in preparation for the week to come. Classes wrap up and next weekend will be filled with graduation activities. In between, I’ll be flying out to Vancouver, B.C. to attend a library conference, trying to finish up all of my theology coursework, and preparing for teaching my next course at Illinois, which starts a week from Monday.

I am not prepared for any of this. It will be an interesting week.

Last night, Brinley asked if I wanted to watch The Greatest Showman with her, so I did. I had not seen it before and frankly, wasn’t too gung ho about watching it at all because of what I perceive as overly crazy fandom about it. (I have the same attitude about the latest Avengers movie. I’ll see it eventually, but have no interest in going crazy over it like so many people.) To my surprise, the movie was not bad. Even the musical numbers, which is what people especially go gaga over, weren’t terrible. In the end, it was a nice, and rare, opportunity to do something together with my wife and daughter, and I was glad of that.

Tristan appears to be recovering well from his emergency appendectomy. We’re really thankful for that.

Things at work have been challenging in a number of ways. One highlight of the past week, though, was meeting with the architects for the library building project. We conducted an in-depth review of the latest iterations of the project proposals (small, medium, and large), and generally liked what we saw. Soon, a final document will be submitted to the Board of Trustees.

An update about Cohen’s missions trip to Guatemala: In spite of the fact that the church increased the required amount to fundraise by several hundred dollars midway through the whole process, Cohen is now fully funded. That is due to the generosity of so many family members and friends. (The featured image for this post is of a series of post-it notes in various colors that he created as a way to track funding progress.)

Also on the agenda for the near future: finding a new church home. After the debacle that was the Easter weekend, I’m done with the church we’ve attended since 2006. This conclusion has been years in the making and is not a sudden decision. It’s just that the last time I attended, on Easter Sunday, was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

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