Mother’s Day and other things

The featured image for this post is of one of the roses in the bouquet of flowers I bought for Michele for Mother’s Day. Most people go for red roses, and they are quite beautiful, but I like the more subtle and interesting beauty that these ones display.

Mother’s Day is sometimes a difficult day. (Same thing for Father’s Day.) Family dynamics and relationships can be hard to navigate and our family is no different in that respect. But it was good to see our oldest son and daughter-in-law, as well as my parents-in-law, who were in town to attend graduation ceremonies for HoneyRock students.

Yesterday, I attended my last NASIG Board monthly conference call. It’s the last Board event I’ll participate in, period, because I chose not to attend the upcoming conference in Pittsburgh. That decision was primarily due to timing as well as generally having a lot on my plate this summer. I’ll miss seeing many friends at that event, though. It’s good to “retire” again into the background of the NASIG organization after being so heavily involved for many years. This time, it’s for good.

One of the things on my plate this summer, and a primary reason I chose not to go to NASIG this year, is that once again I am teaching an online class for the iSchool at Illinois, IS578AO: Technical Services Functions. The first class of the summer semester was Monday night and as usually happens, we spent a lot of that time on introductions, going over the structure and content of the course, etc. I came away with a great feeling about this group of students (there are currently twelve enrolled in the course), and look forward to the coming weeks of working together with them.

Of my own theological coursework, I am in a big quandary as I am unable to complete all of the coursework for the class I took the second half of this semester. This will result in a bad grade and feeds into the already significant doubt I have about the wisdom of pursuing this further study, particularly during a time of many significant personal and work challenges. The guilt I feel, and disappointment with myself, are huge. On the other hand, I simply have to give it to the Lord whose hands are over it all, no matter my own failings. I’ll give serious thought and prayer over the course of this summer as to whether or not to even continue in the program.

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