Apple, your world is cray cray

The tech world’s attention was focused this week on Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). A two plus hour keynote highlighted a lot of new software as well as (more controversially) some new hardware in the form of the new Mac Pro. You know I am a heavy user of Apple devices and software, so I paid attention to reports from WWDC along with thousands of others.

Frankly, though, such gratuitous displays of Apple fandom, as well as the presentations by Apple’s senior leadership, have long since become nauseating. Seriously. I can hardly bear to watch videos from these events or read the breathless write ups (pro and con) any more. Apple, your world is cray cray.

Yesterday, for example, I watched a video of an Apple fan blogger (or rather, vlogger) who attended WWDC and which featured his visit to the Apple shrine, er, I mean the visitor center for Apple Park. This person went on and on about the cool t-shirts that are only available from that store and which, oh by the way, cost a cool $40 each. He bought several. He was so, so disappointed that there wasn’t a clearer view of Apple Park from the visitor center, and not content with one visit, he went back there twice. He also spoke at length about how cool it was to see actual Apple employees stream past the visitor center on their way to their offices in Apple Park, and he creepily followed some of them complete with his video gear, until he came to a security gate.

I was left to ask the simple question, WTH(eck)? After watching about eight minutes of that video, I turned it off, surprised and disappointed in myself that I watched that much of it, and wondering why I wasted so much time on it in the first place. This kind of fandom is fairly typical.

Then there are the umpteen bazillion writeups that portend to understand this and that of what was presented, and authoritatively comment on the exalted wonderfulness or excessive stupidity of this or that. Just do an Internet search on what people are saying about the Mac Pro monitor’s nearly $1,000 stand. (No, it doesn’t come with the monitor. You have to pay separately for it.) Is Apple brilliant for putting out new hardware that might cost more than a decent sedan? Or are they just once again sticking it to the 99%ers?

The more you try to navigate this weird world of Appledom, the weirder things get, and I’m left thinking that yes, indeed, it’s a strange, strange world. Too bad, because generally speaking, I like their products, when/if I can afford them. I’m just sick of all the extra crap that comes along with them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go visit my local shrine, er, Apple store.

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