Off to Guatemala

Today is the day. Early this morning (VERY early), we dropped Cohen off at O’Hare for his trip to Guatemala. He was his usual self when excited — that is, talking excitedly, bouncing off the walls with energy, and hard to make him pay attention. He has good reason to be excited, of course: his first missions trip, his first trip outside the U.S. ever, and going on a week-long trip with a bunch of his friends.

We are so grateful to many, many family members and friends who made his trip possible by donating money. We are also grateful to many adults who volunteered to chaperone and oversee the dozens of students on the trip. Their job won’t be easy. We will be praying for Cohen as well as the whole, 75+ member group throughout the coming days.

Below is a quick photo taken by one of the leaders after the group boarded the first leg of their journey, from O’Hare to Houston. Cohen is in an aisle seat as highlighted in red. We will miss that guy while he’s gone.

Cohen on first leg of flight to Guatemala

UPDATE: They made it.

Cohen’s missions team made it safely to Guatemala
Cohen’s missions team made it safely to Guatemala

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