Random thoughts too early in the morning

For some reason, I woke up around 4:20a today and could not get back to sleep. After my usual routine of getting some coffee, shooing Brinley off to her bed — she often falls asleep on the living room couch while watching a show — and reading a Bible verse as well as catching up with news, I’m left with several random thoughts.

I’m missing too much work time due to various (relatively minor) health issues. It bothers me and feels like a defeat every time I have to miss work. Then, too, there is the inevitable need to catch up with whatever I’ve missed or the projects I’m working on.

I recently took Tristan to get a state ID. Because he is/was homeschooled, he doesn’t have a high school ID, and he also does not have his driver’s license yet. He is interviewing today for a job, which among other things, requires that he provide an ID, so that was the impetus for getting a state ID. The task took a lot more time than we thought (we had to wait in various lines at the state drivers facility for more than two hours) but I’m glad that it is done. My wife asked me whether he and I chatted much, and I said, no. This got me thinking again about my relationship with him, or lack thereof. I wish things were different. Somehow over the last several years, we’ve grown apart, with nothing much to talk about and little in common. It’s sad and disheartening, but I hope and pray for the best for him since he is at a critical stage in his life, just entering full adulthood and independence.

While at the doctor earlier this week, I got into a conversation with the nurse, and it turns out that like me, she has four children, although they are older than mine. I told her we have three teenagers in the house, and she joked about surviving that stage of life. Then as part of her routine health-related questions, she asked me: “Aside from the teenagers, do you feel safe at home?” I nearly fell off the chair, I laughed so hard.

Although we haven’t had an update in a few days, it seems like Cohen’s missions team in Guatemala is doing well, making a lot of progress on building new homes and serving local people in other ways. In the last update we received, it was noted that some of the groups of students were working too fast and had to be told to slow down a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those fast-working teams included Cohen. We are looking forward to his return on Saturday.

Last weekend, after looking at various places, Michele and I found some decent flowers (impatiens and stonecrop) for a decent price to plant in window boxes that line our front deck, as well as several pots sitting on the deck. Brinley decided she wanted to plant them, which she did a few days ago. We also bought some flowers (cosmos) to plant in the border that runs alongside our driveway, the first time we’ve done that in many years, and I am looking forward to them filling out and brightening up that space over the summer. As usual, Brinley did a great job with planting everything. Many of her closest friends are in Guatemala with Cohen, and she misses them a lot.

I am thankful for the nicer, cooler weather we’ve been having, although we have had excessive rainfall. June has been a great month in terms of weather.

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