Kansas City trip

We are currently in Kansas City, MO, helping my brother, Dan, move into his new house. It’s been an interesting trip so far and we leave for home tomorrow.

Dan’s new house is an old house in the Hyde Park neighborhood. We really like it. It has a lot of room and character. He is renovating the bathroom and plans to add a second one at some point. Renovating the kitchen is also being planned. I think he wants to eventually refinish the all wood floors.

This city is an interesting place—a broad mixture of beautiful and down in the dumps areas with several hip hotspots mingled throughout. Dan took us to a Mexican seafood restaurant on the Kansas side last night for a wonderful meal. I had grilled whole lobster along with Mexican corn and Mexican style coleslaw, which was delicious.

We brought the dogs along with us, and they’ve done pretty well throughout. Dan has a big dog of his own, an Anatolian shepherd mix named Ivy. She is a high strung, dominant dog and won’t leave Cricket alone, but otherwise they all get along ok. It’s nice that his house has a fenced yard which Cricket especially enjoys. Below is a photo of her looking out the front window of our van while Michele is driving.

Cricket as copilot
Cricket as copilot

It is nice (and rare) for us to all be together and reminds me of previous trips we made when the kids were a lot younger, to Dauphin Island, Cape San Blas, and the Boundary Waters. At this stage of their lives, we won’t have many more such trips with our kids. For example, Tristan starts a new job in a few days, while Brinley and Cohen go off to summer camp at the end of the week. After that we go up to HoneyRock for a week to relabel all of the books in that library. This is a busy summer.

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