A new (to me) Apple Watch and a new iPad Pro

I have annoyed my wife for months with a desire to get a new (to me) Apple Watch Series 3. I’ve repeatedly scoured eBay and Craigslist for an idea about options that might be available and especially, how much these expensive things are going for. Notice that I am specifically talking about a used device, not a new one, because new ones are way too expensive. When I bought my existing Apple Watch, a Series 0 (the very first model Apple made), it was also used. It has been a fantastic device that I’ve used every day since. Specifically, it is a Series 0 stainless steel model with the matching stainless steel Milanese loop band and sapphire watch face.

Apple is now on Series 4 of the Apple Watch, and the options, models, and WatchOS features have diversified over the past four years as Apple Watches have gained in popularity. Of course I’d be thrilled to own a Series 4 but they are still pretty new and used ones are way out of my price range, thus my focus on finding an affordable Series 3. Even though my Series 0 watch still works perfectly fine, I can’t install the latest WatchOS on it to get the benefit of many newer features I’d find useful. Plus, it can seem a bit slow at times. A Series 3 watch is a significant upgrade. But oh, the price, even for a used device. I’ve struggled with a sense of guilt for having such a device to begin with as it seems a luxury and as someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, it also seems selfish.

However, finally, I found a used Series 3 watch on Craigslist that was exactly what I wanted and for a really good price (about $100 less than I paid for the Series 0 watch). And, Michele reluctantly caved 😉 and said she was ok with me buying it. It’s a Series 3 stainless steel space gray (really close to black) with sapphire watch face and matching band. It even came with several months of Apple Care. I love it. I’ve found that although the stainless steel with sapphire watch face is more expensive than aluminum/glass models, it is infinitely more durable and worth the extra cost.

Michele is now wearing my previous Apple Watch and although she won’t admit it yet, I think she likes it.

A few weeks before I bought the newer watch, I also received a new iPad Pro for work, replacing a four year old iPad Air Series 2. The device is spectacular in just about every way and I’m only just beginning to use it for my work stuff in beneficial ways.

In sum, I’m fortunate enough to have new Apple goodies. I feel a bit guilty about having them but one thing is certain: I will put them to very good use.

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