A happy place

I am currently in a happy place. We are staying a week at Wheaton College’s Northwoods campus, HoneyRock. Although it’s not a vacation (we are relabeling the HoneyRock library’s ~4,200 books to use LC call numbers instead of Dewey), I’m enjoying the atmosphere, the quiet moments in nature, the beautiful weather, and time spent with family and friends.

We are staying in HoneyRock’s newest cabin, named Wellspring, which used to be the health center before it was completely renovated last year and made into a guest cabin. As I write this post, I am sitting in a chair looking out the large picture window in the back of the cabin that faces Long Lake. Most mornings I wake up really early, make some coffee, wrap myself in a blanket, and watch the sun rise over the lake. It is very quiet and peaceful — just what I need.

Staff here did an amazing job renovating this place. The cabin is quite large, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a three season porch, a large kitchen with lots of cabinet and pantry space (and all of the amenities including two refrigerators), as well as an extra large, family-style table for dining. The only downside is the cabin is right next to the main activity space for summer campers, so it’s not the most private or quiet location at most times of the day.

A moment ago, I was thrilled to hear the distinctive call of a loon out on the lake. In addition, I saw a bald eagle fly past, which it does at about the same time every morning. We have also encountered an extra large number of deer as well as wild turkey and other creatures. They are part of what makes this place special.

Progress on book relabeling is a bit slow because we need to figure out the best approach to the work. Once that is determined, I’m sure we will settle into a good rhythm. I’ve been able to weed some portions of the collection as well as get additional shelving installed so that we should have more room for collection growth.

Brin and Cohen are here with Michele and me, helping with the library project, but Tristan stayed home due to his new job. We miss him and our dogs.

Last night, I was able to teach my class as usual. That was a bit of a concern since Internet access up here is not the most reliable. It made for a long day though, since I didn’t finish until after 9p, and as we start another work day, I’m feeling more tired than usual. It’s not 100% certain yet whether we’ll be able to finish our relabeling work in the time available, but we’ll do our best.

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