That squirrel has an Oreo!

The work of relabeling thousands of books at the HoneyRock library stretches on. About three years ago when the relabeling project was first proposed, we estimated that the work would take two full weeks. However, we don’t have that much time. Michele and I decided to extend our stay for a few more days in an attempt to finish the project.

As we were trudging back to the library after lunch at the dining hall a few days ago, we heard a camper shout out: “That squirrel has an Oreo!” We thought it was pretty funny, sort of like the Northwoods equivalent of the famous incident of the rat in New York City carrying a large piece of pizza. There are squirrels everywhere, including Eastern gray squirrels (including some of the black variety), the much smaller and cuter red squirrels, and ground squirrels.

Yesterday the first wave of summer campers departed and the area has quieted down a bit, but only for a few days. The next wave of campers arrives on Monday.

Last night we took my in-laws out to eat at The White Stag, a nice restaurant south of Eagle River. Everyone enjoyed the meal. Although it is expensive, the food and service were excellent. The meat is cooked over an open fire and you are served with big wedges of lettuce with homemade dressings for salad, along with piping hot rolls and large, perfectly prepared baked potatoes. A simple and classic menu.

A few days ago after finishing our library work for the day, Brin and I went down to the lagoon where there is a boathouse and where canoes and kayaks are launched. There is a picturesque bridge that we have always enjoyed, leading to an area known as Cathedral Pines, where worship services are sometimes held. Along the path from the bridge to the grove of pines is where I usually spot a pink lady slipper orchid blooming in late May or early June. Brin and I wanted to get some photos of the area during the golden light of the evening. The photo below captures the scene pretty well.

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