Apple, your world is cray cray

The tech world’s attention was focused this week on Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). A two plus hour keynote highlighted a lot of new software as well as (more controversially) some new hardware in the form of the new Mac Pro. You know I am a heavy user of Apple devices and software, so […]

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No love for selfies

Even the word itself makes me cringe: I have no love for “selfies.” In fact, generally, I don’t enjoy having my photo taken at all. The concept is not new, of course, but the word has been adopted only somewhat recently. I find it tragic and ironic that hundreds of people die every year while […]

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A little UX rant

Here’s a little user experience (UX) rant relating to landscape mode on tablet devices, particularly iPads. Landscape mode is the default mode for my iPad use, and always has been, even more so since earlier this year I purchased a Logitech keyboard case for it. (By the way, this keyboard is ridiculously expensive but based on […]

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