A happy place

I am currently in a happy place. We are staying a week at Wheaton College’s Northwoods campus, HoneyRock. Although it’s not a vacation (we are relabeling the HoneyRock library’s ~4,200 books to use LC call numbers instead of Dewey), I’m enjoying the atmosphere, the quiet moments in nature, the beautiful weather, and time spent with […]

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An amazing library find

A recent discovery of a 500 year old library catalog is pretty exciting. I can’t recall reading about something of this caliber being discovered previously. As someone who incorporates cataloging history into one of the courses he teaches, I am happy to include this in that particular lecture in future. What is particularly interesting about […]

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In praise of ebooks

A common discussion in libraries these days is on the merits of ebooks vs. print books. There is a great deal of anxiety, disinformation, and simplification of pros and cons on both sides of this debate. You can probably tell where my view fits in the spectrum of opinion thanks to the title of this post. […]

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Memories of winters past

Curling up close to a heating register in the early a.m. on a cold winter’s day after delivering newspapers, dozing in and out of sleep before it was time to leave for school. The thrill of being allowed to drive a snowmobile while only nine or ten years old (what were my parents thinking?). Tumbling […]

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A conversion project

Some years ago, my library began exploring the possibility of converting our collection from Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) to Library of Congress Classification (LCC). Our physical collection is somewhere around 600,000 vols., so you can imagine that such a project would be enormous as well as expensive. Portions of our collections are already in LCC, […]

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