Too late for snow

So far this morning, I’ve been alternately sipping my cup of coffee and playing with Cricket, our six month old mini Australian shepherd puppy. (Some nice recent photos of her, taken by Brinley, are below.) I’ve also been trying to come to terms with the fact that soon, a bunch of snow will start falling. […]

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Blue eyes

Yes, those eyes really are that color. I haven’t written about Cricket, our mini Australian shepherd puppy, in a while. She is doing well, growing up a bit, and is now six months old. Unfortunately we still struggle with house training her. If anyone reads this blog and has suggestions, please share them via the […]

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An update on the new dog

A brief update on the new dog, Cricket. She’s growing like a weed. My biggest beef at this stage is that she’s still not house trained, although I think she’s slowly starting to get the idea. We just need to be patient and consistent with her. Teddy, our other dog, has generally transitioned from excited/interested […]

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Thank the good Lord for nap time

We are almost a week into our time with Cricket, our mini Australian shepherd puppy, and it’s been quite a week. Her other name is Sassy Pants, because she won’t take nonsense from anyone or anything. She is feisty, inquisitive, demanding, vocal, high energy, fast-as-lightning, determined, and constantly thinking of mischief. At the same time, […]

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Cricket for Christmas

Today is a red letter day because we adopted a new pup into our family. Her name is Cricket and she’s a nine week old mini Australian Shepherd who was born deaf. Isn’t she cute? All of us (including our other dog, Teddy) are infatuated with her already. She is our family Christmas present.

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Love and loss

I hope you will forgive yet another post about the loss of Champ, our family dog of many years. Writing about him is one way of coping with his death. He and I had such a close bond that I’m sure I’ll continue to feel his loss for a long time. This will be the […]

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Man, this hurts

In the midst of tragic stories in the news (mass murder in a Jewish synagogue, loss of all lives on board a passenger jet), I am emotionally reeling from Champ’s death late yesterday afternoon. Man, this hurts. It hurts terribly for us all in my family, in spite of knowing we made the right decision […]

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