Mother’s Day and other things

The featured image for this post is of one of the roses in the bouquet of flowers I bought for Michele for Mother’s Day. Most people go for red roses, and they are quite beautiful, but I like the more subtle and interesting beauty that these ones display. Mother’s Day is sometimes a difficult day. […]

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Taking a deep breath

For me, this weekend is about taking a deep breath in preparation for the week to come. Classes wrap up and next weekend will be filled with graduation activities. In between, I’ll be flying out to Vancouver, B.C. to attend a library conference, trying to finish up all of my theology coursework, and preparing for […]

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The scarcity of hope

Part of the struggle of the human condition is when hope is lost. I’ve been thinking about that for a while now — the importance of hope in our lives, in my own life. Part of my own struggles of late is due to the scarcity of it. Hope that relationships will heal. That finances […]

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Too late for snow

So far this morning, I’ve been alternately sipping my cup of coffee and playing with Cricket, our six month old mini Australian shepherd puppy. (Some nice recent photos of her, taken by Brinley, are below.) I’ve also been trying to come to terms with the fact that soon, a bunch of snow will start falling. […]

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Bring your dad to work day

Our daughter, Brinley, recently started a job working at a nearby stable. It is a dream job for her but presents challenges for various reasons. I recently went with her to help out, a sort of “bring your dad to work” day. It is hard, physical work. I am really impressed by her way with […]

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Enjoying nature

One aspect of my upbringing for which I am very thankful is that I spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid, especially during the summer. I grew up in a time and place in which we were encouraged and allowed to roam freely, without concern for safety. And I did. Some of my […]

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Birdwatching again

Lately, I’ve been experiencing ill health, and have missed work and school as a result. Although life is a bit of a struggle, one of the things that helps is to get out into nature. My wife and I spent some time these past few days, driving to nearby nature preserves and parks where we […]

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