That squirrel has an Oreo!

The work of relabeling thousands of books at the HoneyRock library stretches on. About three years ago when the relabeling project was first proposed, we estimated that the work would take two full weeks. However, we don’t have that much time. Michele and I decided to extend our stay for a few more days in […]

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Kansas City trip

We are currently in Kansas City, MO, helping my brother, Dan, move into his new house. It’s been an interesting trip so far and we leave for home tomorrow. Dan’s new house is an old house in the Hyde Park neighborhood. We really like it. It has a lot of room and character. He is […]

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A visit to the Holy City

I visited the Holy City — Charleston, S.C. — for the second time in November 2016. It is one of my favorite places to visit in the world, with a mix of charm, beauty, diversity, and history that is hard to match anywhere else in the United States. The variety of dining and shopping opportunities […]

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Soup therapy

There is something special about soup. It is warm, comforting, tasty, satisfying, and therapeutic. It also is usually inexpensive to make and is a great way to use up leftovers. The homemade hamburger and vegetable soup featured in the following photo is a good example. I love all of the colors and textures shown here. […]

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Memories of winters past

Curling up close to a heating register in the early a.m. on a cold winter’s day after delivering newspapers, dozing in and out of sleep before it was time to leave for school. The thrill of being allowed to drive a snowmobile while only nine or ten years old (what were my parents thinking?). Tumbling […]

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Don’t die in Maryland

”Don’t die in Maryland, Dad,” my son said as he hugged and kissed me goodbye before I left for my most recent trip. Wheaton colleagues and I visited the libraries at Goucher College, Johns Hopkins University, and Salisbury University last week. As I did in previous trips, I took a lot of photos in order […]

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