The scarcity of hope

Part of the struggle of the human condition is when hope is lost. I’ve been thinking about that for a while now — the importance of hope in our lives, in my own life. Part of my own struggles of late is due to the scarcity of it. Hope that relationships will heal. That finances […]

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Depression and resurrection

These words — depression and resurrection — appear almost jarring when put together in a sentence, seeming to not relate to one another at all. Let me explain. The last few weeks have been difficult ones, mainly because of depression and some anxiety. I won’t go into all of the influences and reasons why, but […]

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Every day is a gift

Times have been pretty hard, lately. We have had many ongoing issues in our family relationships, the car I drive to and from work broke down completely, we have faced significant financial pressures, I have had another bout of ill health, and there have been several stressful things happening at work. Then, too, I have […]

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It is well

Today marks another anniversary, a sadder one this time. On this day in 2002, my father died. A few days before, he had what was supposed to be a routine operation. Something went wrong and he never recovered. He died in the hospital, at 69 years of age. My father was the youngest of four, […]

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Don’t die in Maryland

”Don’t die in Maryland, Dad,” my son said as he hugged and kissed me goodbye before I left for my most recent trip. Wheaton colleagues and I visited the libraries at Goucher College, Johns Hopkins University, and Salisbury University last week. As I did in previous trips, I took a lot of photos in order […]

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