In praise of ebooks

A common discussion in libraries these days is on the merits of ebooks vs. print books. There is a great deal of anxiety, disinformation, and simplification of pros and cons on both sides of this debate. You can probably tell where my view fits in the spectrum of opinion thanks to the title of this post. […]

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Fighting for the middle

Recently I’ve been thinking about how hard it is for libraries to be in the middle between publishers/content providers and researchers, especially since it is usually libraries who get stuck with the bill. By “the bill” I mean, paying increasing amounts for various kinds of information needed for users to do their research. In academic […]

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In defense of ebooks

Shortly after arriving at Wheaton, I became involved in a nascent campus-level discussion about digital humanities. Essentially the group’s purpose was to figure out what, if anything, Wheaton should or could be doing in this area. At one of the meetings, a tenured faculty member passionately described the evils of electronic resources and stated that […]

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