Thoughts about #LPForum19

What follows are some thoughts and impressions about the conference I’m attending, the Library Publishing Forum (#LPForum19). They aren’t fully formed as I am still digesting many aspects of what I heard and observed, so take them as they are. First, some general observations. As a first-time attendee, I expected to feel a bit of an […]

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From negative to positive

At my library, our reference desk is called the Research Help Desk, and librarians take turns staffing it, along with a few grad students. I only spend four hours a week there in two hour shifts, and frequently I do other work things while there because traffic can be fairly minimal. But sometimes the interaction […]

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NASIG and open access

Today, NASIG announced pursuit of a partnership with its sister organization, UKSG, to publish its conference proceedings in their open access (OA) journal, Insights, starting in 2021. Personally and professionally, this gives me enormous satisfaction, as it is something NASIG has been trying to move toward for a long time. The latest iteration of the […]

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Fighting for the middle

Recently I’ve been thinking about how hard it is for libraries to be in the middle between publishers/content providers and researchers, especially since it is usually libraries who get stuck with the bill. By “the bill” I mean, paying increasing amounts for various kinds of information needed for users to do their research. In academic […]

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