Apple, your world is cray cray

The tech world’s attention was focused this week on Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). A two plus hour keynote highlighted a lot of new software as well as (more controversially) some new hardware in the form of the new Mac Pro. You know I am a heavy user of Apple devices and software, so […]

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Why do I blog?

I have blogged in some fashion or another since 2002, since before there were blogging platforms. Yet after all these years, I still get asked, why do I blog? Here are some reasons. It helps me to practice the art of writing. I don’t consider myself a particularly skilled writer. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, […]

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Social media is dead

Social media is dead, at least to me. After deleting my Facebook account toward the end of May, more recently, I also deleted my accounts for Twitter and Instagram. These three were the only social media platforms I’ve used for many years. It feels a bit weird, honestly. I’ve been a heavy social media user […]

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Learning to embrace Twitter…for now

I’ve had a Twitter account practically from that service’s inception, but have mostly been a desultory user. Some reasons for this: That stupid 140 character limit  It doesn’t generate that much interaction with others  Its most frequent use appears to be as an outrage amplifier  It’s the platform of favor for a particular U.S. political […]

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