Apple, your world is cray cray

The tech world’s attention was focused this week on Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). A two plus hour keynote highlighted a lot of new software as well as (more controversially) some new hardware in the form of the new Mac Pro. You know I am a heavy user of Apple devices and software, so […]

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Thoughts about #LPForum19

What follows are some thoughts and impressions about the conference I’m attending, the Library Publishing Forum (#LPForum19). They aren’t fully formed as I am still digesting many aspects of what I heard and observed, so take them as they are. First, some general observations. As a first-time attendee, I expected to feel a bit of an […]

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In praise of ebooks

A common discussion in libraries these days is on the merits of ebooks vs. print books. There is a great deal of anxiety, disinformation, and simplification of pros and cons on both sides of this debate. You can probably tell where my view fits in the spectrum of opinion thanks to the title of this post. […]

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Sometimes I think back to my childhood and compare it to today. Lately, I’ve been thinking about conveniences I enjoy today that I didn’t have back then. Among them: Internet  Apple AirPods  Cellphone  Ebooks  Wireless car key fob  Remote start for car  Travel coffee mugs  Good coffee  Minivan  GPS  Digital camera  Electric toothbrush  Online courses  […]

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Don’t die in Maryland

”Don’t die in Maryland, Dad,” my son said as he hugged and kissed me goodbye before I left for my most recent trip. Wheaton colleagues and I visited the libraries at Goucher College, Johns Hopkins University, and Salisbury University last week. As I did in previous trips, I took a lot of photos in order […]

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