Thoughts about #LPForum19

What follows are some thoughts and impressions about the conference I’m attending, the Library Publishing Forum (#LPForum19). They aren’t fully formed as I am still digesting many aspects of what I heard and observed, so take them as they are. First, some general observations. As a first-time attendee, I expected to feel a bit of an […]

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A visit to the Holy City

I visited the Holy City — Charleston, S.C. — for the second time in November 2016. It is one of my favorite places to visit in the world, with a mix of charm, beauty, diversity, and history that is hard to match anywhere else in the United States. The variety of dining and shopping opportunities […]

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Photos of several library visits

Part of the reason I recently decided to switch blogging platforms is the vastly improved functionality on WordPress for managing photo albums. I’ve already uploaded some photo albums to the Photos page and plan to load many more over time. The most extensive recent photos are from several trips around the U.S. and Canada that […]

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Sometimes I think back to my childhood and compare it to today. Lately, I’ve been thinking about conveniences I enjoy today that I didn’t have back then. Among them: Internet  Apple AirPods  Cellphone  Ebooks  Wireless car key fob  Remote start for car  Travel coffee mugs  Good coffee  Minivan  GPS  Digital camera  Electric toothbrush  Online courses  […]

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NASIG Board members for 2017/18

Below is a photo I recently came across of most of the 2017/18 NASIG Board at the Atlanta conference in early June of last year. That event was held at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta-Buckhead. People in the photo, L-R: Angela Dresselhaus of East Carolina University, Vice-President/President-Elect; Kelli Getz of DePaul University, Secretary; Jessica Ireland of […]

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